Acclaim Upcoming Releases Update

現時点での Acclaim Collective (A) の次期リリース全作品。

SHADES OF GREY - Freedom/Incarceration LP

Swedish female vocaled powerful modern anarcho-crust band. This is their first album.
Co-release with Nakkeskudd Plater (Norway), Contraszt! Records (Germany) and Sadness of Noise (Ireland).

Shades of Grey: www.myspace.com/shadesofgreylkpg

ACM023: GOTCHA / ROSAPARK - Punks Against G8 split CD

Japanese and French anarcho digital punk. This split CD is the
first anti-G8 project called "PUNKS AGAINST G8" of Acclaim Collective (A).



019: HALO - Armonia Para Resistir 7"

Uruguayan anti-fascist political emo hardcore with energetic female vocals. This 7" is re-release (includes new artwork + one unreleased song "la mirada de los otros" / "the look of the others") of their first work, entitled "Armonia Para Resistir" (2004) originally released by Uruguay's Catalina Records (tape version) and UK's Blackprint Records (7" version).

Halo: www.myspace.com/haloarmonia

06: PROTESTERA / GOTCHA - split 10"

Swedish and Japanese "super" anarcho punk bands. We are really really excited
this project, because both bands are one of the best anarcho punk bands in the world, and it's very important that the anarchist resistance strategy of Protestera be translated into Japanese. By the way, for the world's punx who doesn't know Japanese GOTCHA : They are male/female vocaled experimental anarcho-punk band that used the drum-machine now from Fukuoka, and the activity is long in Japan. And they released three tapes (demo, split tape w/Control and "How long will we continute..." tape (same as split tape w/Control) and are participating in two compilations ("Crust Night 2001" comp CD that "Tribal War Asia Records" released, and "Nine-states Chain Strength" comp CD-R that "Koroshino Records" released) by present. Their music keep always changing, and now they play sounds like the "Massive Attack meets Crass meets Conflict"! The lyrics also are very inspirational.



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