Voĉo Protesta - Vojo al libereco LP will be Out Soon from La Vida Es Un Mus

既にご存じの方もいると思うが、東京アナーコ・クラスト "Voĉo Protesta" の待望のファーストLP が、UK の La Vida Es Un Mus よりリリースされる。



ヴォーカルの uemotoくんのブログ "mukofungoj ĉiuloke" もぜひ。


CO PROTESTA - Vojo al libereco LP (La Vida Es Un Mus)

Tokyo's VOCO PROTESTA blend the best of the last fifteen years of Japanese distorted hardcore with the early 80’s European punk attitude. Their sound has changed a touch since their three 7"s - It’s more dynamic, perhaps less CONFUSE and more CRUDE SS. However, their ideas are still the same, highly idealistic anarchist lyrics about a better world sang in Esperanto. Their sonic approach is still distorted, primitive and urgent. Fast and angry. 'Vojo el Libereco' is a classic slice of raw hardcore for any fans of GLOOM, FRAMTID, FRIGORA and other masters of the black and white high contrast artwork. Cover by Teodoro Hernandez.

Voĉo Protesta: a.sanpal.co.jp/protesta

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