Shades of Grey - Freedom / Incarceration LP (ACM026): Review

SHADES OF GREY - Freedom / Incarceration LP (ACM026)

" I have released the vinyl debut by Shades of Grey on my label Blindead Productions as a split LP with Massmord, so it should come as no surprise that I like this band. True, bands have been known to change style and loose whatever it was that made them interesting, but I’m happy to report that Shades of Grey have only developed their sound in a positive direction.

The first time I lowered the needle onto this piece of vinyl I honestly thought I had it at wrong speed and was just about to flip it to 45 rpm when I realized that it wasn’t wrong, it was just a damn dark opening. A darkness that is consistent throughout all the nine tracks. Shades of Grey aren’t only about hard and dark crustcore with good melodies though; they also know what’s needed to not just be another anonymous name within a somewhat watered down genre. Their songs are as straight up brutal as they are memorable and varying, with loads of infectious riffs and changes in tempo. Case in point being “Sorts the gods out” which is a killer track that’ll get you hooked immediately with its great catchy chorus, followed by the raging “In the eye of the storm” and heavy doom-laden “Reach for the sky (to tear it down)”.

Shades of Grey continue to stand out as a perfect example of what’s good with thundering and melodic crustcore and skilfully navigate themselves passed the pitfalls and repetitive patterns. It’s a great record that’s completed with cool artwork and a sixteen-page booklet. "

Krogh – April 9, 2010

- Attackfanzine.net

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