New Distro Items: 1/10

U.S. の Profane Existence から以下のものが入荷しました。

APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT - it's far from fucking over CD (profane existence) ¥1,100

- u.s. powerful political hardcore-punk (discography contains EP, LP plus a unreleased cover song) -

RESISTANT CULTURE - welcome to reality LP (profane existence) ¥1,100

- u.s. political tribal grind-crust (their debut album) -

IMPERIAL LEATHER - do you know where your children are? CD (profane existence) ¥1,100

- swedish powerful punk-hardcore (their second album) -

PROFANE EXISTENCE #57 Zine + CD (july-sep 2008) ¥650

- warcollapse, against empire, man the conveyors, armistice, kursk, columns, reviews, plus a cd -

PROFANE EXISTENCE #55 Zine + CD (jan-mar 2008)
- wartorn, atomvinter, coaccion, resistant culture, face up to it!, the fallout, massmord, auktion, columns, reviews, plus a cd -

PROFANE EXISTENCE #52/53 Zine + 2 CDs (spring 2007) ¥1,100 restocked

- abductee.s.d., appalachian terror unit, chumbawamba, the cooters, fall of efrafa, happy bastards, nuclear death terror, pisschrist, signal lost, skarp, visions of war, ungdomshuset lives!, columns, reviews, plus 2 cds -

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