New Distro Items: 4/29 - Kalashnikov

イタリアの "Romantic Punx" こと "Kalashnikov (Collective)" の3rdアルバム、4thアルバム、そして今のところの最新作である Angoscia-Rock 7" の3作品が入荷。


ッチーかつメロディアス、そしてダンサブルな顕著きわまりないサウンドとは裏腹に (「マチズ」によって作り上げられたある種のイメージから解釈した表現を使えば) 、Acclaim Collective 的に言えば、パンクの "Persistent Insurrection" ー そのすべてを内包しているバンドとさえ言っていいだろう。

KALASHNIKOV - Angoscia-Rock 7" (Chaos Rurale) ¥500

" For
the first time on vinyl here's three new songs from the Kalashnikov collective. In the same vein as their previous "Dreams For Super-Defeated-Heroes", melodic punk rock with an amazing female vocal. Comes with a 36 pages novel, a post-atomic & romantic-punk story, unfortunately it's all in Italian. Clear Red vinyl. This is a worldwide production. " - Chaos Rurale

KALASHNIKOV - Dreams For Super-Defeated Heroes CD (Chaos Rurale) ¥900

" Very melodic Italian Anarcho-punk. Comes in a digipack with some really nice artwork. Their fourth album and surely one of their best. Including a cover song from 80's Italian hardcore band Declino. " - Chaos Rurale

KALASHNIKOV - Music Is A Gun Loaded With Future CD (Radio Riot) ¥900

" Anarchopunk collective born in a squat in Milan, Italy in 1996. this 2005 record contains 9 tracks of old-school anarchopunk mixed with anarcha-cold-disco-punk (??) with guitars, synthethizers, saxophone, cello (...) with lyrics in Italian. Very catchy and danceable but with conscience and lyrics full of rebellion! Reminds me sometimes of POST REGIMENT, THE CLASH, THE MOB, HIT PARADE... the cd is in a really nice looking digipack in brown carton, with a black and white booklet with loads of lyrics, photos, drawing and stuff. It comes in a thin bit of black tissue. " - La Distro

Kalashnikov website: www.kalashni.net

Kalashnikov myspace: www.myspace.com/kalashnikovcollective

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