New Stuff in Acclaim Distro: 3/19

ポーランドの Zaraza Productions から待望の From the Depths / Next Victim - split LP 入荷。歌詞カードには、"EVERY SONG OF FREEDOM IS BORN IN PRISON" (すべての自由の歌は監獄で生まれる) の言葉。現在のこの「危機的」状況に関連づけて言えば、すべてのパンクスの言葉もこうした自覚の下に出てこなければならない。

FROM THE DEPTHS / NEXT VICTIM - split LP (zaraza) ¥1,300

" After sharing the stage a few times, these two bands share a piece of vinyl - and they both recorded new tracks for this release!
Post - Catharsis, Requiem crew - with a female singer you're not going to forget. / Polish noisy sludge with a singer often compared to Jarboe.

Dark, heavy, passionate. Unique.

CD version will be out in some time. " - NNNW

Acclaim Distribution is here

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