New Stuff in Acclaim Distro: 2/5

このブログでもいくどとなく告知していたフランスの Stonehenge の反セクシズムをテーマとした超大作3枚組7"コンピ・ボックスセット "More Than Music, vol.1" がとうとう入荷。


Ballast (Canada)
Abductee S.D. (Sweden)
Easpa Measa (Ireland)
Juggling Jugulars (Finland)
The Assassinators (Denmark)
Six Year Plan (Germany)
La Fraction (France)
No Rest (Brasil)
Signal Lost (U.S.)
Sangre (Holland)
Schifosi (Australia)
Criatura (Spain)


E THAN MUSIC, VOL. 1 - comp. 3xEP (stonehenge) ¥1,800

" Finally this project see the light of day. A trible 7" concept compilation based upon the Female aspects, activities and problems with Sexism within the Punk Scene. All put together very nicely in a Screenprinted cardboard box, a Screenprint Poster plus 2(!) additional booklets. You gonna rock along unreleased songs from: SCHIFOSI, THE ASSASSINATORS, BALLAST, ABDUCTEE S.D., EASPA MEASA, JUGGLING JUGULARS, LA FRACTION, NO REST, SIGNAL LOST, SANGRE, CRIATURA and LA MARCA.
Remember this is a 3 piece Colored Vinyl and 2 Piece Booklet set! " - Ruin Nation Records

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