New Stuff in Acclaim Distro: 7/10

ドイツの Alerta Antifascista より以下の最新及びニュー・リリース5タイトルが入荷。

The Assassinators / D.S.B. - split EP は言うまでもなく、 2002年の "Impassivity" 2xLP/CD 以来となるスウェーデンの Counterblast (ex-G-anx) の新作 (これまた傑作)、いわゆる「モダン・クラスト」の域を超えた凄まじい大作となったフィニッシュ・ベテラン・クラストパンクス "Unkind" の4thアルバム、完成度の高いダーク・メタル・パンクを聴かせる U.S. の Morne (ex-Disrupt, Grief, Filth of Mankind) がよかった。


RI - The prophet feeds LP (Alerta Antifascista) ¥1,300

" Fi
nally a new record from this awesome band from Cleveland! Close your eyes and imagine that His Hero is Gone and Amebix got together and had a child… got it? Ok, now imagine that that child grows up in a dank room full of teenage angst, listening to nothing but Death Side and Disfear records until he is 21 years-old. Now open your eyes and what you have is Masakari, a crust punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. The LP comes as a 180 gram pressing, with a A2 poster and a awesome 350 gram heavey gatefold cover!! " - Alerta Antifascista

ERBLAST - Faceless 10" (Alerta Antifascista) ¥1,300

" Finally, 2 new songs (20 minutes) from those amazing swedish band. Ultra intense, dark crust punk in the vein of Dystopi
a meets Neurosis. Passionate and apocalyptic. The most amazing thing since Neurosis' "souls at zero" in this genre. A harsh, brutal and extremely intense soundmix filled with anger, power, energy and hatred with good political lyrics without clichés. Far away from all the mish mash, not the slightest bit stale, but fresh powerfull and with unrestrained anger they thrash their way through their set. Awesome band and wonderfull record! " - Alerta Antifascista

SSASSINATORS / D.S.B. - split EP (Alerta Antifascista) ¥700

" 2 new amazing songs by cop
enhagens THE ASSASSINATORS. a bit more iron maiden meets bad religion as their older releases. now they team up on this split EP with one of my favourite japanese bands. D.S.B. are play radical japanese hardcore punk!. D.S.B. channel their anger and disappointment into this very aggressive release. There is a more harmonized vocal approach on this release, which is a departure from their shouted deliveries on past releases. Not to worry you diehards, these harmonies will stick to your ribs! " - Alerta Antifascista

UNKIND - Yhteiskunnan pikkuvikoja LP + CD (Alerta Antifascista) ¥1,500

an amazing and totally bleak and definitely their best 4th LP from this finnish band, combining a more muted and moody take on DISFEAR-style rocked out guitar riffs, savagely shouted vocals ala’ VICTIMS, and then the dark and epic scope of NEUROSIS (and their slower, low end lumbering) , TRAGEDY (mood carrying guitar riffs and solos) ARTIMUS PYLE (bursting from all of that into wicked thrash) and their ilk. The Recording is crazy serious and megalithic, allowing the weight of the riffs to be literally oppressive and powerful then just clearing enough space for the band to blast fast thrashier parts. top knotch musician ship, the mood of the whole affair somber as it can get, and while this metallic influenced crust style is seems at times almost completely currently dismissed stateside / locally, if you like any of the five bands I just mentioned, buy this immediately. " - Alerta Antifascista

RAYER - split LP (Alerta Antifascista) ¥1,300

" The band that stands before you known as Morne started with many trials and tribulations. It began back in 2005, and even though there were many interested individuals, only one lineup had the dedication and perseverance to make the band a reality. The band features Milosz (ex-FILTH OF MANKIND) on guitar, Jeff (ex-DISRUPT, GRIEF) also on guitar, Max on bass and Kevin on drums (both from various Boston bands). Morne draws it's influence from powerful, intense bands such as AMEBIX, NEUROSIS and SACRILEGE. The undertones of these bands can certainly be heard in Morne's sound, but they create an atmosphere all their own.
WARPRAYER features members of ripcord, dumstuck, gurkha... and its crust as fuck... " - Alerta Antifascista

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