New Distro Items: 7/7

DISBEER - The Very Little Disgraphy and Fortunualy Unrealised LP (Deviance) ¥900

" The posthumous Lp from the beerz is released in coproduction with many frenchs labels. The beast evil french band had been in activity from 1996 to 2004. Apocalypse D.Beat soldiers from Auch Crust City. A city known for its crust hardcore bands like Sickness, Enola Gay (rip), Vomit Yourself (rip). Disbeer has used especially Discharge
and beers. Disbeer played more than 100 gigs in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain. It performed with bands like Disfear, Driller Killer, Steroids, Hellkrusher, Dystopia, Dropdead. " - Plastic Bomb Records

M:40 - Historiens Svarta Vingslag LP (Deviance) ¥900

" Crust/hardcore from Lidköping. Twelve songs of total fury! Fullength album recorded at HoboRec, Jönköping. The songs are mixed with slower parts, which keeps the record as a whole interesting and focused. As on a prime note; crustpunk has never - and will never be - better than this. Think Totalt Jävla Mörker mixed with Neurosis! " - Halvfabrikat Records

M:40: www.m40.se

WARTORN / LOS DOLARES - split 7" (Deviance) ¥400

" And
once again a proper beautiful killer release featuring LOS DOLARES from Venezuela, relocated in Spain (at the moment) with 2 new tracks of pounding anarcho punk with well thought lyrix and a kick ass production. On the flip you find 2 new tracks from WARTORN (US) that equally kick the shit out of you. Raging crustpunk with a hell lot of thunder and energy. - - The whole package is massive including a thick poster and lyrix and beautiful well made artwork by Marald. Both Bands are on Tour in September. Go and catch them if you got the chance. " - Ruin Nation Records

Wartorn: www.myspace.com/wartornwisconsin
Los Dolares: www.myspace.com/losdolares

LAATIMINEN APAROILLE - comp LP (Deviance) ¥900

" Compilation of recent Finnish bands with : SOTATILA, YDINASEETON POHJOLA, DISSIPED, DISSECT, NOITUUS, AKUNPUNKTIO, ARRESTUM, AORTAORTA, KUOLEMA and many mores... + 20 pages A4 sized pro printed zine about the Finnish history scene included. " - SMYT Records

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