New Distro Items: 7/22

EXCUSES - State Emergency 7" (Distro-y) ¥400

" Six track punk onslaught from Northwest Ireland's Excuses. This record is fast and pissed off. Harking back to an early 80's American hardcore influence mixed with an English street punk sound. Snotty, loud and to the point political lyrics served with a punch in the teeth. Excuses are most certainly at the fore front of Irish punk leaving no crusty, skin, punk, or any other degenerate behind. Split label release with BB
P Records, Distroy Records, FTS Records and the band. Go be their friend or they might beat you up: Excuses's My Space page. " - Stitchy Press

Excuses: www.myspace.com/excusesireland

PROJECT HOPELESS - Av Hela Mitt Hjarta 7" (Distro-y) ¥400

" A//E political hardcore punk. This is an aggressive hardcore attack
directed towards w
hat is wrong with everything in this world of ours. Raging Anarcho hardcore play passion, aggression and anger. " - Distro-y

Project Hopeless: www.myspace.com/projecthopeless

LINK / RAISED BY DRUNKS - split 7" (Distro-y) ¥400

" LINK hailing from Belgium play an epic crust assault with both female
and male vocals. RAISED BY DRUNKS rising out of the ashes of previous bands these Stockholm Global Crust
play aggressive hardcore crust!!! " - Distro-y

Link: www.myspace.com/linkrocks

Raised By Drunks: www.myspace.com/raisedbydrunks

BACCHUS - Attica CDEP (Distro-y) ¥700

" Raging Crust from Galway, after suffering a number of false starts due
to line up changes are finally back on track and giving it hell. With an immense build up before turning into an assault of crushing guitars, d-beat drumming and screaming vocals. This is a release of epic proportions!! Comes in a screen print recycled card digipack!! Think His Hero Is Gone/Fall of Efrafa/Burning The Prospect. " -

Bacchus: www.myspace.com/bacchusband

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