Down To Agony - requiem por un mundo enfermo" 7" (ACM004): Review

DOWN TO AGONY - requiem por un mundo enfermo 7" (ACM004)

" Maybe I haven’t been hip to 7 inches for long enough but it just seems like ever since vinyl has been in a surge, labels and bands are making an effort to put out really good looking shit. And when you have a bunch of labels collaborating (in this case Acclaim, Oxigeno, Sadness of Noise and others), therefore lowering the costs, this, some sort of luxury, becomes more possible. In the case of Down to Agony’s Requiem Por Un Mundo Enfermo (Requiem For a Sick World) it comes with a six-panel sleeve, one side of which is a gorgeous black and gray poster. There is also an insert with all the lyrics translated to Japanese. Sure thing, lyrics are important in hardcore, but I doubt many Spanish speakers will get what is been said here as the vocalist screams and stretches his pipes to an almost ridiculous point. The music is articulate; furious but also nuanced, with enough feeling to transmit something beyond fury and ire. Down to Agony is a highly prolific hardcore band from Spain. Since this 7 inch was released, they have put out at least two more recordings, all of which are available for download in the band’s site. Official Site "

- Deaf Sparrow

This release in "Acclaim Releases" is here

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