Alpinist / Finisterre split LP (ACM022): Review


" The Alpinist side of this split is highly enjoyable. It's Saturday morning and I've got a pretty crap day lined up, but at least I spent a bit of time listening to Alpinist. Crust hardcore / d-beat with what I think contains some screamo influences, the band blaze their way through four tracks of quite varied length (shortest song is two minutes, longest is almost nine). From the instrumental side it's fairly typical crust as far as I can see but done really well. There are lots of really harsh raging parts and there are times when things lighten up and get a bit more melodic. What I mean by screamo influenced is that the vocals are less deep and gruff that you usually get - they are more high pitched and shrieking. That's the shit that gets me going, overall its a great side and the band are touring the UK in April with Sand Creek Massacre, so go see them!

Finisterre play a similar style to Alpinist but more typical crust in vocals. It's good, crust is not my favorite genre so I'm not sure I can analyse it much further. Lots of bands play like this and they generally seem decent but all end up sounding the same. If you like the genre then definitely check them out! Both bands are from Germany by the way, and this is a joint release between eight labels. "

21st March 2009

Reviewed by Oli Saunders

- Collective Zine

Alpinist: www.myspace.com/alpinistsucks
Finisterre: www.myspace.com/finisterror

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