Divisions Ruin "s/t" 7" (ACM020): Review

DIVISIONS RUIN - s/t 7" (ACM020)

" Here's an EP that holds four tracks of loud and howling raw crusty-styled hardcore. The A side contains two tracks that are executed in a slower manner with pounding rhythms and roaring vocals, where the B side, although not being without doom-laden riffs, have two faster tunes with more of an aggressive approach. There can be possible neo-crust comparisons to the music, but the delivery are a lot rougher than that, and not as polished, not quite placing this EP within said category.

This is in fact hard to place within any category as the music refuses to be labelled. There are parts with haunting crust which explodes into grindcore in the next second, before they bring out the metal. They pour a little bit of everything into it and the result is quite a diverse brand of doomy crustcore. "

[Krogh - March 5, 2009]

- Attackfanzine.net

Divisions Ruin: www.divisionsruin.bravehost.com

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