New Stuff in Acclaim Distro: 8/13

Veperadical より東京 female fronted melodic hardcore-punk "Vespera" の1stデモ、DIYパンクスが中心となっている東日本大震災の被災者救援グループ "Human Recovery Project" より反核/反原発ベネフィット・コンピ "What a Hell Fukushima" CD が入荷。オーダーはこちら

*VESPERA - 1st demo 2011 Tape (vesperadical) ¥500
- japanese powerful melodic hardcore-punk (ex-d.s.b. people) -

*WHAT A HELL FUKUSHIMA - comp. CD (human recovery project) ¥1,500
- with: life, pinprick punishme
nt, pilvet, the happening, detrytus, forward, out of touch, desperdicio, middle, grind shaft, rappa, diskriminados, endzweck, enslave, jabara, screwithin, velocityut, lacks, lastly, attack ss, charm, dustpan, origin of (m), haava, dropend, seb roberts, z, vivisick -

*WANT YOUR VOICE #1 Zine (human recovery project)
- "What a Hell Fukushima" comp CD に付属の H.R.P.編集のファンジン -

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