New Stuff in Acclaim Distro: 8/8

イタリア・ミラノのメロディック・アナーコパンク・バンド "Kalashnikov" の最新5thアルバム LP/CD 入荷。 The Mob の断腸の思いの反戦歌 "No Doves Fly Here" ('81) のカバー含む全9曲

IKOV - Living in a psycho-caos era LP/CD (Chaos Rurale) 各¥1,300

" 5th full length album from
this anarcho punk collective from Milano, Italy. To my opinion this is their best stuff so far. Comes with a HUGE 24"x36" poster sleeve. Also includes an excellent version of No Doves Fly Here by The Mob. " - Chaos Rurale

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