Shades of Grey - Freedom / Incarceration LP (ACM026): Review

SHADES OF GREY - Freedom / Incarceration LP (ACM026)

" This is the first full lenght LP of Shades of Grey from Sweden, which follows there split LP with Massmord which if you havent heard yet, Stop reading this review and get yourself a copy then please come back and read this review and then go get this LP as it to is as perfect. Shade of grey kick off with a nice dark slow intro before seriously ripping up with their brand of hard hitting melodic Crustcore, this seems to be a theme that contiues throughout the record dulging into these slow bleak doomy sounding strums of a guitar slowly lining you up before knocking you down with a wall of brutal crustcore. It seems to be the done thing by many bands and it can get a bit repetitive but not if you are listening Shades of Grey, who set the bar that bit higher with this record.
Kick ass band and kick ass record!!! "

Alex Distro-y

- D-beat Beater Webzine

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