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スイスの DIYパンク/ハードコア・レーベル "Rinderherz Records" から以下の新作2タイトルが入荷しました。両バンド共にスイスの比較的新たなバンドで、これらの作品が正式なデビュー・リリース。とりわけ Norton 熱くなる。以下のレーベルの説明にもあるとおり、Leatherface - Hüsker Dü の影響濃いド渋のポリティカル・メロディック・ハードコア/パンク。詩的なハイリーポリティカル・リリックスがまたかっこよすぎるのだ。音のタイプはちょっと違うが、Petrograd が好きなパンクスにも強くオススメしたい。またまたこの種の注目バンドが現れたという感じだ。くわえて本作はフランスのアナーコパンク・コレクティブ "Maloka" との共同作品である。

TON - Long Walks On Short Piers LP (Rinderherz) ¥1,100

" First 'real' release after the demo-CD by NORTON from Zurich/Switzerland, and what a stormer it is! 15 songs of melodic hardcorepunk, and not only the cover is influenced by the 80s; they definitively spin their Leatherface- an
d Hüsker Dü-records more than once in a while. 'Hardcore for people over 40' was one of the description of their music, but it definitifely works for all ages - there's even a CD with the recordings that comes with the LP to please the i-pod-generation.
Co-Release with Maloka (France)
And yes, they can be found on the internet: www.myspace.com/norton.band " - Rinderherz Records

HAIM - Dr. Tobehoktr 7" (Rinderherz) ¥500

" Four-song-EP by the rowdies of UNHAIM from Biel/Switzerland. Varied, raging crustcore with some metal-influences - these folks have been in Pack, Brutal Massacre and Lost before, which should give you an idea what this EP might sound like. And if you're not already scare after hearing whispered evil lyrics then
there's still the spooky cover that even glows in the dark.
No online-stuff. You have to get this to find out what it sounds like.
Co-Release with Ravachol (Switzerland), Deviance (France) and Alcoholic Desaster (Greece)
" - Rinderherz Records

Rinderherz Records: www.rinderherzrecords.ch.vu

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