Reaccion Propia "Inercia Somatica" CD (ACM002): Review

REACCION PROPIA - Inercia Somatica CD (ACM002)

" Not sure what is up with my system but every time I pop this disc in my computer lists the band name as Fury of Five, it changes the song titles to those of that band’s This Time It’s Personal album and shows me Fury of Five’s street graffiti-like logo. The music is other, though not that far distanced.

Reaccion Propia do not hail from New Jersey. Instead they call beautiful and powdery Colombia home and like most South American musicians making angry music they sound pissed and…mmmhhh…somewhat generic. Their hardcore is rather melodic but far from wimpy. Most of the melodies sip through the guitars which efficiently drop economic albeit typical hardcore riffs. More distinguishable, though not out of the box, is the vocalist’s painful screams. Dude sounds like he is about to implode like a balloon over filled with water. That or his voice, which is being stretched, is about to give out.

The vocalist doesn’t care about his future, but as a player, the dude in charge here is the drummer. He fills spaces tastefully, accelerating enough to include double bass drumming when the band charges like a Formula One. What sounds like samples, but is more likely spoken word passages recorded by the band or friends, is also included in several songs. It’s a touch that only makes this band’s sound more recognizable but it hardly improves the songs.

More interesting than whole songs are certain passages where Reaccion Propia seem to actually be thinking like an imaginative beast. It’s not strange for this band to include blast beats and breakdowns. Intelligently this South American combo downplays the breakdown part and pieces like the clear strings in “Circulos Estaticos” stand out. Better yet are some riffs that resemble black metal’s usual blur. These ideas are broken, especially when the vocalist breaks in with his blown throat. Here was a band striving for its own sound. They weren’t there quite yet and they will never be. Reaccion Propia called it quits in 2008. "

- Deaf Sparrow Zine

Reaccion Propia: www.reaccionpropia.8m.com

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  1. hi im the guitarrist of reaccion propia..thanks for take the time to listen the cd....2004 to 2008 the band change..listen


  2. Diego, how are you?

    Thanks for your comment, and sorry for late reply. We were glad to release your first album as Japanese version. We contact Omar (Nagaf) sometimes.