New Stuff in Acclaim Distro: 10/1

ベネズエラの Noseke Records、U.S. の Profane Existence より以下の最新リリースが届きました。Profane Existence Zine #63及び#62はフリーとのことなので、オーダーをくれた方で希望の方に差し上げます。オーダーはこちら

*APATIA NO / ALL SYSTEMS FAIL - split LP (noseke) ¥1,300
- venezuelan and u.s. powerful anarcho-punk -

*APPALACHIAN TERROR UNIT / OI POLLOI - split EP (profane existence) ¥6
- u.s. green anacho-crust and scottish angry anarcho-punk

*PROFANE EXISTENCE #63 Zine free with order
- kontrasekt, bu
rnt cross, dripfed, war//plague, moshpit tragedy (diy punk label) and more -

PROFANE EXISTENCE #62 Zine free with order
- resist, asta kask, colera, naplam raid, studs and spikes.com and more -

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