We Strongly Denounce the Illegal Arrest of 2 Activists on Feb.20 in front of the US Embassy in Japan!

CALL for your protest at:
The Akasaka Police Station +81-3475-0110

The US Embassy in Japan +81-3224-5000

The Japan Embassy of your country of resident.

Send us your solidarity message to be sent here: ametaiq@gmail.com

The footage of arrest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnwiaVSQ1ig


2 activists have been arrested during a demonstration in front of the US embassy.

We strongly condemn these arbitrary and illegal arrests and demand the immediate release of the 2 activists.

This demonstration was against the construction of a heliport that is part of the US military base in Takae,
Okinawa. This construction is carried out despite the opposition by the people of Takae town. We had asked for talks with the US embassy which they granted us to be held at 16:00 on Feb.20. The police of Akasaka district agreed to stand nearby the embassy.

When we arrived at the rendez-vous place, the police wouldn't let us go near the embassy, resorted to violence against 2 activists and arrested them. When another activist asked the police on what grounds, the reason for the arrests,they said that" the reason would be given later, after the arrests". This answer is a total denial of rights. A protest is a legitimate and legal right of citizens that the police cannot deny through violence.

After the arrests, the police refused us the request to hold talks at the embassy by asking us threateningly if we wanted to be arrested like the others.

The police prevented lawyers to see the arrested activists on the first day. All these acts by the police are illegal. The response of the US embassy is that they had commissioned the talks with the citizens at the Akasaka police district.

It is clear that these arrests are a message from the Japanese and US governments that any opposition to US military bases will be suppressed by force.

We condemn the illegal arrests and demand the immediate release of the arrested activists.

By the rescue committee for the Feb. 20 repression in front of the US Embassy in Japan.


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