The Assassinators - I Disse Mørke Tider 7"

世界中の多くのパンクスがその音と姿勢に影響されている K-Town の The Assassinators の待望のニュー・シングル "I Disse Mørke Tider" (この暗闇の時代に) がもうじきリリース。ヨーロッパ盤は Alerta Antifascista、US盤は Halo Of Flies より。予約/オーダーはここここへ。今夏にはUSツアーも敢行。

ASSASSINATORS - I Disse Mørke Tider 7" (Halo Of Flies)

" i love this band. Bad Religion meets Iron Maiden, female vocal harmonies, left as fuck politics, nice and fun as can be people. perfect.
this is the last recording as a 5 piece and is the lead up to the upcoming LP next summer.
this is the US pressing.
500 copies. 8pg cover/booklet and a patch for the 1st 100 copies.
" - Halo Of Flies

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