Cold Death

Ruin Nation Blog からの情報。ドイツ・ブレーメンから Cold Death なる新たなバンドがデビューした。そして初音源となる4曲入りのデモをリリースした。どうやら Ruin Nation Records を運営するかれのバンドでもあるようだ。フィメール・ヴォーカリストがフロントに立つメロディアスなパンクロック・バンドで、そのサウンドはかれ自身が言っているが、80's 初期の UK ゴシック/デスロックの要素をかなり含んでいる。渋い。Ruin Nation Records から通販もできるし、バンドのウェブサイトでカバーを含むデモ丸ごとダウンロードもできる。要注目。

ATH - 4 songs demo (Self-Released)

" First offering of a (hopefully) range of rel
eases. This is a a relatively new Band in which i play the role of the Bass player therefor get ready for some HYPE! This is very tunefull Punk-Rock with a massive early eighties UK Gothic/Death Rock overtone that reminds slightly of old "Skeletal Family" but has much more drive and dirt and most of PUNK innit. Chorus Pedal driven Guitar and Bass melodies over a moldy Drum beat. Theres a huge and impressing force of power and virtue in the Female Vocals that have a urge for Blues every here and there and makes this quite interesting and promising for more. - All in all a very classic or better "Vintage" Recording that deserves a vintage format as a pro-manufactured demo tape and a alternate MP3 Download availabable here. - and if you can get us some gigs and Tours - get in touch. Thanks.
This Demo Tape is available in GREEN, RED and YELLOW Sleeve. Limited to a 200 Copies. " -
Ruin Nation Records

Cold Death:

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