Making Punk Compilation A Threat Again!: "In Our Time" comp LP

"In Our Time" comp LP

True of form, CrimethInc. has cast its latest effort to demonstrate that resistance to the status quo still exists in an ironic light by describing it with the same words British prime minister NEVILLE CHAMBER used to declare, upon his return from negotiations with Germany in 1938, that he has arranged for "peace in our time." Perhaps they mean that "fighting standardization" with mere music is a doomed venture. On the other hand, they did release this record, so... In any case, the first side features some European metal and hardcore, while the second side is ugly, scary music from the US. The insert contains the usual CrimethInc. exhortation to quit your job and live on stolen stuff, so we can fight the evil system. The cover art features images of damage done to US installations in the Vietnam war. I guess that, at least, qualifies as resisting standardization (TY)

(CrimethInc., 2695 Rangewood Drive, Atlanta, GA 30345)

(This review was taken from MRR.)


Congress - What We Need

Timebomb - Flames of Disorder

Systral - Narrow-Minded Criteria

Final Exit - Fuck Your Cowboy


Damad - Head Heart Hell

Jesuit - Smooth Talking Son of a Bitch

Gehenna - Testimony / Divine Rewards


Standardization- And How to Fight It

a CrimethInc. propaganda reader


"お前は死人だ" - George Orwell, 1984

Released by CrimethInc. (1997)

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