CONTORTURE - Who's In Charge LP (ACM029) Update

CONTORTURE - Who's In Charge LP (ACM029) はおそらく年内にはリリースできると思う。既に全曲ラフミックスで聴いたけどかなりいい。仕上がりに期待。

Acclaim Upcoming Releases

CONTORTURE - Who's In Charge LP (ACM029)
- d-beat crust from Göteborg, Sweden - 
(members of Agrimonia & Vicious Irene)
co-release with Not Enough & Halvfabrikat Records

"Contorture ask Who's in charge and rightly so! Who is really in charge in our society? Who makes the decisions, who leads us through everyday life? Do you own your own life? Do we together decide the outcome of our own strives for a better world, or do someone else make the decisions over our heads? 
Are we as humans restrained in leashes, but made believe to be able to do our own choices in life? 

Through sixteen new songs, Contorture gives us their noise/crustcore once again; recognizable only on their own prior Demo from 2010. If one would compare the sound to some other band I would say early Martyrdöd and Besk." - Halvfabrikat Records

out in this year 2012

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