Alpinist / Finisterre - split LP (ACM022): Review


" ALPINIST create catchy songs with pretty musical interludes, wailing guitars and a heavy driving rhythm section. The instruments are all
really tight, and the songs flow well from beginning to end from simple elegant melodic intros to bashing, blasting beats of d. The drummer is really fantastic! A great energy from the vocals as well, with lyrical content mostly about the selfishness and ignorance of the human race. FINISTERRE on the flip-side of the LP play some similar tunes, though they have a heavier slower groove going on and deep, throaty growling vocals that I like a lot for some contrast. Their lyrics are well thought out political commentary on current events in Germany mostly, with some darker personal songs as well. The two bands work well together for a solid split. (Maygun) "

Profane Existence

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