Easpa Measa / Silence - split LP (ACM012): Review


" This split comes courtesy of Japan’s Acclaim Records and Ireland’s Sadness of Noise. It is precisely from this European country that Easpa Measa come from. They are a five piece led by two vocalists; one male (Eric) with an enraged full-blown out throat approach and a female (Clodagh) who sounds hysterical and with, logically, a higher end.

Easpa Measa's three songs reek of wild crusty punk rock. There isn’t much in the way of variation here. Instead, their songs are all about urgency with the vocalists taking turns rapidly, a speedy riff carrying the speed swiftly and a steady drumbeat that doesn’t fuck around. More interesting is the middle track, “Morrigan Song” where Clodagh belches out her lyrics and Eric seemingly barking while guitarist Damo harmonizes colors into an otherwise monochromatic recording. Easpa Measa is on hiatus at the time due to several band members being out and about the world.

Silence on the other hand are already broken up and instead of holding Dublin as their birthplace come from Lublin, Poland. Their half is super tight. Three tracks of no holds barred, never fucking around D-Beat crustcore. The first song “Technology’s Blind Rush” starts off slow, but once it charges up, it rolls down like a truck with no brakes down the fucking Everest. More interesting, complicated and brainy is “Loneliness On the Second Floor”, where inward distortion crashes against the song’s lack of steadiness. There is really not much of D-Beat in this song, just noisy angularity and an awesome sense that it is all possible for Silence. Post D-Beat, maybe? Their last song “Faces of Slaves” is more straight forward, with gorgeous guitar arrangements nicely hidden under a blanket of ashes and the brutal raw roar of the vocalist. A fucking shame this band is gone. "

- Deaf Sparrow Zine

This release in "Acclaim Releases" is here

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