The Assassinators / D.S.B - split 7" Out Soon

なんとコペンハーゲン (K-Town) の The Assassinators と東京の D.S.B の split 7" がリリースされる。戦闘的メロディック・パンカーと Radical Punx Never Die!!! の共演ーーこれは凄まじい。アートワークも最高だ。リリース元であるドイツの Alerta Antifascista から正式にインフォが届いたのでさっそく告知。Eijiくん、届いたらディストロさせてください (笑)

THE ASSASSINATORS / D.S.B - split 7" (Alerta Antifascista)

" 2 new amazing songs by copenhagens THE ASSASSINATORS... (www.myspace.com/theassassinators) they team up on this split EP with one of my favourite japanese bands. D.S.B. are play radical japanese hardcore punk!. D.S.B. channel their anger and disappointment into this very aggressive release. There is a more harmonized vocal approach on this release, which is a departure from their shouted deliveries on past releases. Not to worry you diehards, these harmonies will stick to your ribs! (www.myspace.com/radicalpunxdsb2007) " - Alerta Antifascista

The Assassinators:
D.S.B: www.myspace.com/radicalpunxdsb2007

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