Alpinist / Finisterre split LP (ACM022): Review


" Two previously unknown bands to me and a quick Google search tells me this is the first vinyl appearance for Alpinist after a demo tape and that the Finisterre tracks was meant for their first demo but ended up as their side on this split instead. I've argued that I think records should be preceded by at least one demo, but I've myself released the very first recording by a band so I'll leave that one alone this time.
Alpinist comes from Germany and they play the type of dark and heavy modern crustcore with songs that range from slow and atmospheric to loud and aggressive, with mainly one thing that separates them from other bands doing the same stuff - the vocals. Where most bands doing this style have the dark grunting this singer instead let his aggressions out through intense screaming. It's ok stuff, but not a whole lot more than that I'm afraid.

Finisterre hail from Germany as well and while I guess you could pin the "modern crustcore" style to them as well they separate themselves a little bit with having a sound that reminds me a little bit of the late 90's mid-tempo scandicrust bands, mainly from the Minneapolis area, with hoarse yelling and dark grunting trade-off vocals. At their best times they sound like a cross between Warcollapse (quite far from Minneapolis, I know) and Calloused, and at their worst times they're somewhat predictable. There's room for growth, even though it's a quite solid debut effort.

Comes with a nice booklet where both bands have plenty of space for lyrics and artwork. "

[Krogh - January 31, 2009]


Alpinist: www.myspace.com/alpinistsucks

Finisterre: www.myspace.com/finisterror

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